• IML and MID Certifications


IML and MID Certifications

Aug 14 2008

Isoil Industria (Italy) has recently finished the long process to obtain the MID and OIML R49 official Certifications. It is proud to announce it and to be first Italian Companymanufacturing electromagnetic
flow meters with these important Certifications.
After the announcement of the MID directive, alias 2004/22/CE, inMarch 31st 2004, these Certifications become the main and most important common references between legal metrology and technical and scientific metrology. They are a reference for all bodies involved in the water market, because they guarantee the customer the correct result in
measuring water.
MID recognizes OIML as the body whose technical specifications are equivalent to its harmonized normative. Isoil Industria is a world wide leader in supplying magnetic flow meters under the brand ISOMAGTM: a wide range of diameters to measure conductive liquids in all kind
of applications; all kind of connections to the process, internal linings, electrodes and external body materials; electronics provided with integrated data logger, communications modules and GSM/GPRS wireless communication protocol.
Always one step ahead, now with the MID and OIML Certifications, Isoil Industria has added strengthen its well known quality and reputation
all over the world.



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