• Grit Removal Project Breaks World Record for Hydro


Grit Removal Project Breaks World Record for Hydro

Jul 09 2008

A major project to upgrade Florida`s City of Clearwater pollution control facilities has delivered a world-record breaking $1.8 million contract for Hydro International (UK) - the largest ever for Hydro`s Grit King® technology.
The contract marks a significant development in Hydro`s growing international wastewater treatment business.
Recently appointed as Chief Operating Officer for Hydro International, Chris Williams highlighted the contract`s significance as an international endorsement of Hydro`s wastewater treatment technology.
"Hydro`s wastewater business is firmly established as an international leader in providing cost`effective pollution control solutions offering unique, low-maintenance based technologies with a well-established and growing installed based worldwide."
Hydro will supply the Gulf Coast city with five Grit King® advanced hydrodynamic separator units to upgrade the grit removal processes at two of Clearwater`s three wastewater treatment plants. The 4m diameter Grit King` units will replace the existing high-energy vortex grit removal systems at the plants.
The City of Clearwater purchase came as part of a larger initiative to upgrade the inlet works at the City`s Marshall Street and East Advanced Pollution.
The Grit King® is an advanced hydrodynamic separator that augments gravitational forces to separate grit from water. It removes more grit than conventional systems` making it an economical choice for new or existing municipal or industrial wastewater applications. Because it has no moving parts and no external power source, the Grit King® requires significantly less maintenance and consequently offers a better carbon footprint than conventional technologies.


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