• Advanced Microscreen Technology Unveiled


Advanced Microscreen Technology Unveiled

Oct 31 2016

Hydro International unveils its pioneering technology for primary clarification and fine screening, the Hydro MicroScreen, at WEFTEC (Booth 3329).

Hydro International has officially launched the Hydro MicroScreen rotating belt screen, offering wastewater treatment plants an advanced and versatile alternative to a primary clarifier - at a fraction of the footprint, power use and installation costs.

“Already well proven in other parts of the world, the Hydro MicroScreen is an effective alternative approach for removing suspended solids and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) that is fully ready for US operators to take advantage of,” says Marcia Sherony, National Sales Manager for Hydro International’s Americas Wastewater division.

“This technology was formally recognised in Metcalf and Eddy as an alternative to primary clarification in 2014. We have taken this exciting, emerging technology and developed and refined it, backed by the expertise and experience you would expect from Hydro International.”

With its patented continuous rotating belt screen, the Hydro MicroScreen effectively separates solids from influent wastewater using just 10% of the footprint of a conventional primary clarifier and only 20% of the power. It is easy to install, saving the construction and installation costs of building or refurbishing a primary clarifier and its small footprint frees up much-needed plant space for other uses.  

Moreover, as an advanced treatment solution, the Hydro MicroScreen not only achieves between 50-60% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal, but also offers operators the versatility to improve their downstream process efficiency.

In particular, operators can optimise their effluent quality to improve nitrification with between 20 and 40% BOD removal rates by removing particulate BOD. The process also offers up to 30-40% removal of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG), as well as 10% phosphorus reduction by removing phosphorus in particulate form.

 “The Hydro MicroScreenTM busts the myth that the fine screening removes too many solids particles for optimum Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) efficiency. On the contrary, by choosing from a range of screen sizes, engineers can customise the removal rate and favorably alter the ratio of soluble to total BOD in the effluent for optimum nitrification efficiency. The mechanical design also means quicker BOD consumption compared to conventional detention times.”

Operators aiming to optimise their energy generation also benefit from a quality primary sludge for anaerobic digestion or gasification. Alternatively with the optional addition of dewatering components, the Hydro MicroScreen can produce up to 50% total solids (TS), without the use of chemicals, ready for disposal.

The Hydro MicroScreen can also be used for fine screening, grit removal in small plants, septage receiving and CSO/SSO screening. The technology is also proven for a wide range of uses in industrial applications.



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