• Biorock Sewage Treatment Units: No Electrical Power Needed!

Biorock Sewage Treatment Units: No Electrical Power Needed!

Sep 10 2009

After 20 years of continuous product development, BIOROCK (Germany) has launched a complete new range of Domestic (package) sewage treatment systems for rural off-mains sewage  treatment and wastewater re-cycling applications. The innovative BIOROCK-S units purify wastewater without the need for electrical power or moving parts. The sustainable BIOROCK-units are  reliable, passive systems with minimal or no energy consumption. BIOROCK offers an ecologically superior solution for sewage treatment than all other traditional techniques like activated sludge, SBR, etc. These traditional systems result in high energy consumption and high volumes of sludge production. Traditional plants are high maintenance and can’t handle intermittent loadings. The BIOROCK range consists of two systems :

Small (compact) units (BIOROCK-S) for 5 to 15 p.e. and the medium range units (BIOROCK-M) for 100 to 300 p.e.
Both units have a modular concept and can be installed in parallel to increase capacity.


The compact BIOROCK® units have unique advantages over other sewage treatment systems on the market:

  • No electrical or mechanical components
  • Very fast start-up period (within 1 day!)
  • 5-6 months of absence periods possible
  • High purification results (up to 99 %!)

The unique BIOROCK® system is a two stage Sewage Treatment Plant. The raw sewage first enters a Primary tank and than discharges into the BIOROCK® unit which incorporates layers of BIOROCK® media. Bacteria colonise the media and digest the organic waste trapped within it as the wastewater filters through. The result is clean water with an average BOD and SS < 6 mg/l.


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