• Biorock: `Plug & Play` Sewage Treatment Plants

Biorock: `Plug & Play` Sewage Treatment Plants

Sep 09 2009

BIOROCK (Germany) has recently launched the first ever medium sized (compact) sewage treatment systems that are fully factory built, “Plug & Play”. The BIOROCK-M treatment plant is an innovative compact single piece packaged treatment plant, designed to produce high quality effluent (especially for water recycling and other non-potable applications) with low lifetime cost.
The complete purification process (primary, secondary and tertiary) is built into a totally self contained, unobtrusive one-piece tank. The capacity ranges between 100 and 300 p.e. and is a modular system, enabling increased p.e by placing the units in parallel. The plant is supplied complete for simple installation in a pre-prepared excavation with a concrete base. Central to the BIOROCK-M systems’ performance are well-proven technologies, namely secondary treatment by Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC’s), followed by the BIOROCK® technology (tertiary treatment). The treated effluent from the combined RBC and BIOROCK® biological stage can be disinfected by a built in UV unit. The innovative BIOROCK-M units have very low electrical consumption and few moving parts. BIOROCK-M units are reliable and are low in energy consumption. BIOROCK-M BIOROCK® units offer unique advantages:

  • Completely factory built
  • Tertiary treatment and UV disinfection included
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Little sludge production
  • Reliable purification process


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