• Industrial Wastewater Treatment Podcast: Aging Infrastructure and the Impact on Compliance


Industrial Wastewater Treatment Podcast: Aging Infrastructure and the Impact on Compliance

Nov 23 2021

For EHS Professionals working with Industrial Wastewater Treatment equipment, aging infrastructure can refer to many things: Equipment, People, and Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW). In today’s ever-changing business and compliance climate, these three areas are presenting EHS Professionals with some unique challenges:

  • Equipment: Your plant’s equipment may be aging out or automation that was current decades ago is nonexistent now.
  • People: Trusted staff may be aging out or changing career path in our post-COVID world, taking tribal knowledge with them, and leaving difficult-to-fill job vacancies. 
  • POTW: It’s not just your infrastructure that impacts performance - Publicly Owned Treatment Works at capacity are either tightening discharge standards to lower throughput or increasing fines and surcharges to fund expansions. 

So how are EHS professionals facing these aging infrastructure challenges? In the podcast, Anguil’s Director of Industrial Wastewater Mike Munnagle, and Senior Application Engineer, Tim Jaglinski, discuss industry trends in EHS and offer tangible advice for a sustainable and strategic infrastructure approach:

  • How EHS Professionals are assessing and mitigating risks
  • What low hanging fruit to tackle first for immediate efficiency and results
  • Key trends challenging EHS Professionals and some proactive approaches to compliance 
  • What to look for in an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment provider

If these challenges resonate with you, we invite you to Listen to the podcast now.

In-house Wet Lab Capabilities

As an added value to EHS professionals looking for an industrial wastewater treatment partner, Anguil has invested in our own wet lab for wastewater treatment testing. With our own In-house Wet Lab, we can quickly and cost-effectively trial industrial waters to determine and recommend the best available treatment approaches. 

Anguil’s engineers have the elite experience to complement and collaborate with your team, working together towards compliance and cost savings. Contact us to learn more about our bench, pilot, and in-situ pilot testing capabilities to ensure your project is delivered with optimised operation and performance. 

An Integrated Approach

For customers with water pollution issues, Anguil specialises in the integration of market-proven wastewater treatment technologies into a single treatment train capable of handling challenging contaminants discharged from industrial facilities or extracted from remediation applications. 

From clean, ultra-pure process water to the treatment of murky process effluent, our solutions meet stringent process requirements and discharge limits, deliver a low total cost of ownership, and when possible, reduce your company’s environmental footprint through recycling and reuse. 

Our pollution abatement experts solve complex industrial water challenges with optimised, engineered solutions that work collectively. As a systems integrator, we do not just thoughtlessly plug in products; We consider the role and function of each component and deliver a complete, integrated system.

Contact us with your application.



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