• An additional 8.56 billion cubic meters of wastewater a year needs to be treated to meet UN goals


An additional 8.56 billion cubic meters of wastewater a year needs to be treated to meet UN goals

Apr 04 2023

According to research commissioned by ABB, an additional 8.56 billion cubic meters of wastewater per year need to be treated globally to meet United Nations (UN) goals for water by 2030. The study, conducted in anticipation of World Water Day, also revealed that 469 new wastewater treatment facilities will need to be built each year. The UN aims to improve water quality by halving the proportion of untreated wastewater globally, increasing recycling, and minimizing the release of hazardous materials, but the industry's energy consumption contributes to over 1.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. ABB's automation, electrification, and digital solutions are helping to monitor, analyse and manage wastewater plant operations, and it is vital to integrate technology to drive efficiency. The report highlights the scale of the challenge and the need for more action to help support the UN goals and accelerate progress in tackling water scarcity.

Brandon Spencer, President of ABB Energy Industries, said, "But we need to ensure we are achieving these wastewater treatment targets in the most energy and resource efficient way possible to make it sustainable. This is where technology is key." The report also suggests that wastewater sites can reduce carbon emissions by up to 2,000 tons per annum and that water companies can reduce carbon emissions as well as deliver annual operational savings of up to $1.2 million per plant by applying a package of automation and digital solutions.


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