• PERIC, a leading Chinese hydrogen company, has chosen ABB to supply a rectifier system for their green hydrogen pilot facility in the Texas
    External view of the containerized ABB UNIREC H2
  • Containerized ABB UNIREC H2 - inside view

Green Energy

PERIC, a leading Chinese hydrogen company, has chosen ABB to supply a rectifier system for their green hydrogen pilot facility in the Texas

Sep 28 2023

Hydrogen is increasingly recognised as a vital player in the world of clean and renewable energy, and ABB's range of automation and digital solutions has been instrumental in supporting the global hydrogen industry.

This partnership between ABB and PERIC, an electrolyser manufacturer, aims to harness renewable energy to produce green hydrogen. The innovative twist here is the combination of this green hydrogen with industrially-sourced carbon dioxide (CO2) to manufacture ultra-low carbon fuels.

This venture is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between ABB and PERIC a year prior, with the goal of enhancing the efficiency of electrolyser manufacturing. Electrolysers are systems that utilise electricity to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.

To facilitate hydrogen production, ABB embarked on this project with PERIC in August 2022, providing a customised UNIREC H2 power rectifier for the facility. The UNIREC H2 stands out due to its use of a proven full-wave thyristor converter, ABB's cutting-edge control technology, and advanced regulation and protection functions. This rectifier is specifically designed to meet the rigorous performance and capacity demands of such projects.

One of the standout features of the UNIREC H2 is its water-cooled design, capable of achieving electrolyser currents of up to 36 kA. In comparison, it generates three times the power of its air-cooled counterpart.

Mr. Lian XiaoFei at PERIC expressed their trust in ABB's expertise, stating, "We have previously worked with ABB and experienced their advanced control, power distribution, and excitation systems and decided to expand our collaboration to a real partnership." He emphasised the importance of ABB's customisation efforts, particularly considering the challenging desert environment where the plant is situated.

Recognising the extreme weather conditions often found in deserts, ABB took proactive steps to ensure uninterrupted power supply and optimised production. The custom-made UNIREC H2 underwent rigorous testing using digital simulations based on historical climate data.

Furthermore, ABB's rectifier design offers added advantages, such as a compact footprint and reduced maintenance costs due to its streamlined features and fewer components. In the case of PERIC, the UNIREC H2 can also be supplied in a container with all components pre-tested and pre-assembled, reducing space requirements and commissioning time.

Bernhard Loher, Head of Products & Technology for Excitation and Rectifiers at ABB Energy Industries, highlighted the unique capabilities of their solution: "Our solution delivers a current output that goes well beyond the standard provided for such systems. It has laid down the foundation to become a standard for ABB soon." He also underscored the significance of this project for ABB's position in the hydrogen industry, emphasising their commitment to building a cleaner and more energy-efficient world.

To ensure seamless operation and enhance overall plant performance, ABB conducted factory acceptance tests (FATs) for the rectifier. With the UNIREC H2 rectifier now installed on-site, the plant is poised to commence commercial operations in December 2023.


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