• New soil remediation tests postponed
    steam-based system is designed for soil with high levels hydrocarbons

Soil Remediation

New soil remediation tests postponed

Apr 24 2013

Ontario Ministry of the Environment's (MOE's) failure to provide the relevant approvals has caused a delay in a pilot project to test a new form of soil remediation. A project in the city of Brantford, Canada to test a steam-based soil remediation technique has been pushed back as the companies involved wait to receive permissions to proceed.

The new steam-based techniques are designed to remediate soils with high concentrates of hydrocarbons. The City of Brantford was approached in 2011 by Dutch company Groundwater Technologies to take part in the pilot programme. After discussions a smaller pilot project was agreed upon to take place in an area of the Greenwich-Mohawk brownfield that contains a heavy concentration of hydrocarbons.

Originally the pilot test was due to begin in September of 2012, but the delay  - due to the MOE - has meant that the project has yet to go ahead. Currently Groundwater Technologies is not expecting to begin the testing until as late as August or September of this year - meaning a two-year delay on original plans.

Initially everything seemed to be going well and the correct applications had been handed in to the MOE. One application was returned on the basis of requiring further information, setting back the testing by several months. There is currently only one application still outstanding. Applications relating to noise and water impacts have already met with approval, though the application related to air emissions has yet to be approved by the MOE.

Groundwater Technologies are continuing to work towards starting the pilot test in the late summer of this year - even if earlier approval is granted by the MOE - in line with the completion of demolition on the site of its former buildings. By the end of August the area should be fully clear, ready for equipment and personnel to begin arriving and preparation for the testing to begin.  


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