• Fourth Unicus for Leading Waste Management Company

Hazardous Waste

Fourth Unicus for Leading Waste Management Company

Jul 31 2008

HRS (UK) has recently supplied a fourth Unicus to Italian-based Bitolea, Europe`s largest waste management company. The contract involved the supply of an 80 tube Unicus Dynamic Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger to form part of a large evaporator. The evaporator is being used to concentrate chemical waste to recover the valuable solvents for resale and reduce environmental hazards. The heat exchanger handles five tonnes of waste per hour.
Prior to HRS supplying the first scraped surface heat exchanger Bitolea had a Unicus on trial, but after only one week they were convinced. The Unicus heat exchangers have enabled the company to achieve the highest level of evaporation – an increase of 20-25%. Prior to using the Unicus the company was having to send about 35% of their waste to the cement factory for burning but now since this has fallen significantly they have not only been able to cut disposal but also transport costs. These savings mean that the units pay for themselves in six to seven months.
The revolutionary design of the Unicus Dynamic scraped surface unit also ensures that it is a non-fouling heat exchanger. With the Unicus the product, in this case chemical waste, is pumped down the inside of a tube containing a shaft on which scraper blades are placed at regular
intervals. The shaft inside the tube is moved backwards and forwards giving a reciprocating longitudinal motion that moves the scraper blades
along the tube wall thus continuously scraping the wall. The result is that the internal tube walls are kept clean at all times so the equipment works in a non fouling condition at optimum heat transfer efficiency. This type of rotating operating principle is also much less damaging than the more traditional cleaning methods of traditional models and helps to ensure lower maintenance costs.
For this type of application the HRS Unicus Dynamic offers the best environmental solution at a competitive price. It is less expensive to buy and run, is more efficient in recovering solvents and has a less complicated design than conventional rotating scraped surface heat exchangers.


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