• Grayling Boosts Range with New Spill Kit

Hazardous Waste

Grayling Boosts Range with New Spill Kit

Aug 12 2008

Grayling Products (UK) is confirming its successful growth with the introduction of a new product to add to its already extensive range of steel and plastic bunds and drum accessories. The launch of a Spill Kit is designed to contain small spills before they become a hazard.
Spill kits are commonly used throughout the world in many diverse applications. Numerous environments from small warehouses to heavy plant construction sites rely on the use of spill kits as the most effective first step in containing hazardous spillages. The new kit from Grayling absorbs up to 50 litres and can be used for most purposes, including accidental oil or chemical spillages. Designed to help compliance with health and safety regulations, the new Spill Kit prevents leakage into the ground waste system, as well as limiting its spread to the wider immediate area where it is likely to cause a hazard both to equipment and personnel.
Each kit provides, in one container, all the necessary equipment to enable effective control and clean-up of accidental liquid spillages, which includes a set of three high-absorbency tubular socks, 30 pads and a pillow, along with a disposal bag and gloves.
The kit, which is contained within a useful shoulder bag for ease of transportation and storage, can be purchased off-the-shelf, making Grayling the natural first choice for spillage containment.
Grayling believes that good, economical manufacturing needn`t mean a compromise on product appearance. The company`s extensive range uses modern designs and colour schemes, intended to harmonise with any installation. All products are constructed to the highest standards and comply with the latest pollution prevention guidelines. Grayling also strives to use only raw materials from Western European sources, whose environmental laws are amongst the most stringent in the world.


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