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Aug 07 2008

Autoheated Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) is for more than 30 years the sludge treatment process of choice for small to mid-sized wastewater treatment plants. Being the first to include advanced peripherals, the new FUCHS ATAD Advanced Integrated Concept (ATAD AIC™) adds extra versatility to the already highly flexible FUCHS ATAD process. The first ATAD AIC™installation in the USA started up in January 2008 in Weirton, West Virginia. The biosolids treatment plant consists of three reactors and a total treatment volume of approx. 185,000 gallons (700 m³).
It features the new reactor configuration which provides improved process efficiency at retention times as short as 7 – 9 days.
FUCHS ATAD (Germany) uses a flexible two stage batch process designed for stability, reliability and being easy to maintain. Having two different sized stages with a bigger first stage, ATAD AIC™ further improves the overall heat balance of the process and also makes feeding/discharge cycles more microorganism-friendly. Focussing on excellent dewaterability of the treated sludge, the new concept features sludge thickening without the use of polymers. ATAD off-gas is treated with Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO), an effective, very reliable and nearly maintenance free technology. The integration of the new FUCHS Centrox-Aerator is a further addition to ATAD AIC™. Opposed to classic aerators, the new Centrox-Aerator is also able to draw in foam and to mix it with the sludge so also the oxygen trapped inside the foam layer can be utilized for the process.
As result of all these improvements and new innovative equipment, plants designed according to the new FUCHS ATAD Advanced Integrated Concept are able to produce highest quality Class A Biosolids at minimum cost.


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