• Multichopper – the Macerating Machine

Hazardous Waste

Multichopper – the Macerating Machine

Aug 04 2008

Börger`s (Germany) second generation Multichopper provides ulitimate protection for pumps by macerating solids, fibres and rags. Totally maintenance friendly, this no-nonsense, solids-reducing Multichopper simultaneously homogenizes sludges in the wastewater treatment
Designed for simple and effective operation with a central cutter plate and rotating knife heads, the Börger Multichopper can, for example, be utilised in the suction line of a series of pumps, or to macerate sludge following the separation of sewage by membrane or other technology.
Also suitable for a wide range of environments, including biofuel, Börger`s Multichopper can protect downstream equipment such as de-watering machines, as well preventing key machinery such as centrifuges from getting blocked.
Börger`s Multichopper allows easy access to its cutting assembly through a quick release cover. Integral to Börger`s renowned Maintenance-In-Place (MIP) design, all rotating parts can be maintained and/or replaced on-site without the need for special tools.


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