• New Unique Design of Waste Lamp Recycler Accepts All Types and Sizes of Lamps

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New Unique Design of Waste Lamp Recycler Accepts All Types and Sizes of Lamps

Sep 19 2008

Balcan (UK) has produced a new multi-purpose recycling plant capable of processing all kinds and sizes of both whole and pre-crushed lamps.
The Multi Purpose Compact Lamp Recycler ((MPC4000) was developed from the company’s own original design which was recognised when the company won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2006 for its ability to be used in conjunction with crushers.
When mounted in lamp collection vehicles they allow up to five times more lamps to be carried when pre-crushed and loaded in vehicles than when lamps remain whole. This has obvious environmental and cost-reduction benefits.
Capable of accepting both whole and pre-crushed lamps fed from 45-gallon drums, which can hold an average of 600 x 4ft fluorescent tubes or their equivalent at an approximate rate of 8 drums per hour, the MPC4000 separates remarkably clean glass cullet from the debris.
At the same time, the mercury bearing phosphor powder is drawn through filters including one containing activated carbon to remove the mercury vapour from the air so it can be exhausted safely to the outside atmosphere. The MPC4000 produces clean aluminium end caps from fluorescent tubes or a mixture of plastic and metal components when mixtures of lamps are loaded.
The simple, uncomplicated and unique design of this unit is the subject of a new patent application and is an advance on more expensive recyclers on the world market because it can handle and process a greater variety of newer types of lamps, which use a much higher proportion of plastic components which cannot be provided by other designs of recyclers, according to Balcan Engineering.


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