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Feb 26 2009

ACWA AIR has been appointed UK representative for the smallest Regenerative Catalytic VOC incinerator available to world markets.

Designed and manufactured by the Finish environmental engineering company EHOVOC, the complete range of ‘Little Giant’ Catalytic VOC incinerators are delivered to site as compact, skid mounted processes, in totally enclosed containerised housings.

Each of the nine compact units, with flow rates from 500m3/hr to 18,000m3/hr, are supplied to customers as fully engineered processes - requiring no special site preparation or dedicated foundations. On site, installation is simple. All the operator needs do is to couple the incinerator’s inlet pipe to the process exhaust stream and connect to compressed air and mains electricity supplies. Each unit is highly manoeuvrable and can be easily and speedily transferred to alternative sites as and when required.

In operation, these incinerators produce high VOC conversions and automatically adapt to varying process flow rates. All units provide highly efficient operation with VOC concentrations up to 2g/m3, but cope effectively with periodic peaks of up to 8g/m3. Catalytic incineration does not create harmful by-products such as NOx or CO and all process units within the range include particle filtration.

Little Giant VOC incinerators have low capital costs due to the use of novel integral regenerative heat exchangers, that recover up to 95% of consumed heat energy and catalyst masses. They are extremely cost-effective to operate and require minimum maintenance.

Each plant comes with a three year general warranty and ten year warranty on the catalyst media. Catalyst masses have been operated for over fifteen years without deterioration on industrial applications and various types of vehicles.

The Little Giant is provided with telemetry which enables it to be monitored and adjusted from a remote location - even from the manufacturer’s offices in Finland.

Whilst these incinerators are manufactured in a standardised range of units, tailored systems and enclosures can be supplied to customers’ special requirements. As standard, they are heated by electricity but if required can be easily adapted to burn oil or gas.


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