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  • Lahendong Geothermal Power Plant in Indonesia
    PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE)

Lahendong Geothermal Power Plant in Indonesia

Feb 05 2021

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that its subsidiary, PT Yokogawa Indonesia, has received an order from PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE), a government-owned utility in Indonesia, to replace the existing control systems for the steamfield above ground system (SAGS) at the Lahendong geothermal power plant in North Sulawesi Province.

Powered by six generation units (1-6), the Lahendong power plant is capable of delivering 120MW of electricity, making it one of the largest geothermal power plants in Indonesia. In this project, Yokogawa will supply the CENTUMTM VP integrated production control system and a large number of wireless transmitters, pressure transmitters, and flowmeters for the SAGS of units 1-4.

In addition to supplying the systems and field instruments, the company will also manage the engineering, installation, commissioning, operator training, and oversee the integration of systems. When Yokogawa completes work on this project, both the SAGS and the power generators of units 1-4 of the plant will be controlled by Yokogawa's systems. The newly integrated system will potentially allow the future enablement of Industrial-Internet-of-Things devices, facilitating further productivity and efficiency improvements.

Geothermal power plants can generate a stable supply of electricity throughout the year because they are not dependent on weather conditions. Also, as no fuels are burned above ground and only minimal amounts of carbon dioxide are released, they are environmentally friendly. PGE is the fastest growing geothermal company in Indonesia, with 88% of Indonesia's installed geothermal capacity operating in PGE working areas. The government is pursuing a variety of initiatives to support geothermal development, and aims to increase the country’s installed geothermal power generation capacity from the current 2100MW to 8000MW by 2030. 

The equipment used in geothermal power plants must be robust and capable of operating in the presence of corrosive substances and gases. For such applications, Yokogawa provides highly reliable systems and instruments that support the remote monitoring, diagnosis, and adjustment of devices in the field.

Koji Nakaoka, a Yokogawa vice president and head of the Global Sales and Industrial Marketing Headquarters, commented, "In the Asia-Pacific region, Yokogawa has participated in dozens of geothermal power generation projects and we are excited to partner again with PGE. The implementation of our system for the SAGS will enable seamless integration to the power generating units and ensure more reliable operation. Geothermal potential in Indonesia is still large, so we hope through such projects we can continue harnessing geothermal power as a renewable energy source."

To realise Yokogawa's aspiration for sustainability, the company has established three goals to achieve net-zero emissions, ensure the well-being of all, and make a transition to a circular economy by 2050. Net-zero emissions can be accomplished through the introduction of renewable energy and efficient use of energy. The company has been recently recognized for its efforts in this area by the global non-profit CDP, securing a place on its prestigious A List for both climate change and water security.



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