• Groundbreaking energy storage solution for Scotland

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Groundbreaking energy storage solution for Scotland

Feb 22 2024

Wärtsilä, is set to deliver a cutting-edge 300-megawatt (MW) / 600-megawatt hour (MWh) energy storage system to ZenobÄ“,  electric vehicle fleet and battery storage specialist based in Kilmarnock, Scotland. This marks the second collaboration between Wärtsilä and ZenobÄ“, and is one of the largest energy storage systems in Scotland to date.

The cornerstone of this endeavour lies in Wärtsilä's Quantum High Energy (QuantumHE), a state-of-the-art energy storage system designed to maximize energy density while prioritizing safety measures for the community. Scheduled for completion by the end of 2025, this system promises to significantly bolster Scotland's renewable energy capabilities and contribute to the nation's ambitious carbon reduction goals.

This landmark project is part of Great Britain’s National Grid’s NOA Stability Pathfinder programme, aimed at addressing stability challenges in the electricity grid exacerbated by the growing adoption of intermittent renewable energy sources. By enabling better balancing of supply and demand, the energy storage system will optimize the utilization of Scotland's abundant wind energy resources, ultimately preventing wastage and reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 3.4 million tonnes over the next 15 years.

Andy Tang, Vice President of Wärtsilä Energy Storage & Optimisation, expressed pride in the collaboration, stating, "Wärtsilä is proud to partner with ZenobÄ“ to accelerate the transition to renewable energy in Scotland. This project underscores our commitment to providing innovative energy storage solutions to support the UK's decarbonisation targets."

This initiative builds upon the success of a previous collaboration announced in February 2023, where Wärtsilä committed to delivering a 200 MW / 400 MWh energy storage system to ZenobÄ“ in Blackhillock, Scotland. With both projects set to be operational in the near future, ZenobÄ“ is poised to significantly enhance Scotland's renewable energy capacity, positioning the country as a leader in sustainable and efficient energy provision.

James Basden, Founder of ZenobÄ“, emphasized the significance of this milestone, stating, "Reaching this significant milestone demonstrates ZenobÄ“’s commitment to better utilize wind power and support its growth by doubling Scotland’s battery storage capacity. Kilmarnock South will enhance the country’s position as a leader in delivering energy that is cost-effective, clean, and efficient."

Furthermore, Wärtsilä's GEMS Digital Energy Platform, an intelligent energy management system, will play a crucial role in optimizing the operation of the energy storage system, enabling ZenobÄ“ to participate effectively in the UK's electricity markets.

In conclusion, the Kilmarnock South project represents a remarkable step forward in Scotland's renewable energy journey, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovation in realizing a sustainable energy future for generations to come.



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