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Green App is the Dogs

Aug 11 2012

The NAC Group have launched an innovative new app with the aim of educating users on green issues in an entertaining way, whilst proceeds from the sale will go to developing the North East and securing jobs for people in the region. The new app is called "GreenHound" will help fund the project Smart Clubs, which averages putting 100 people into work every month.

Shout Digital designed and developed the app and features six greyhounds powered by the player. A series of questions educates the players on various green issues particularly in the green energy area. Angeline Brown of NAC explains the new App, which will be sold for £1.49: “Part of the training delivered in our Smart Clubs focuses on sustainability, particularly renewables. We also like to make our learning enjoyable so use Apple products to make the training more interactive.

“Our managing director, Paul Robson, has greyhounds and a number of them he has rescued. We thought it a fun idea to base the game on them, particularly Gordon who is a real character. We then gave them individual features and the team at both NAC and Shout came up with fun names for the racing dogs.”

Creative director from Shout Digital, Ian Mullen, said:
“It was a lot of fun putting this app together and we are delighted that our technology and creative design reflects NAC’s goals. Hopefully this is the first of many products we will be working on together.”

Angeline concluded: “We would all like to say a big thank you to the team at Shout Digital who took our fun ideas and created a tangible App, which is both fun and educational and will benefit people looking for work in the region.”

There are three Smart Clubs across the region, one in Wallsend, one at the BIC Centre in Sunderland and one in the Nissan plant in Washington. 92% of people who attend the course secure employment at the end of it. Further information is available at http://www.na-c.co.uk/training and www.shoutdigital.com


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