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Solar and Electric Powered Circulation Equipment

Jul 28 2012

Medora Corporation (USA), better known for their methods for improving water quality has now turned its hand to marketing their solar and electric powered circulation equipment under two new brands; SolarBee and GridBee.

“From 2001 to 2009, our product line was exclusively solar-powered,” said Joel Bleth, president, Medora Corporation. “Today our business has grown to include energy-efficient electric products as well as other water quality solutions, such as THM Removal systems. To encompass this expanded product offering, we are now marketing our products under two brands: SolarBee for solar-powered products and GridBee for electric products.” This expanded product range meets market demands for both sustainable technologies and lower-capital-cost water quality solutions.

Medora Corporation are seen as pioneers when it comes to solving the worlds water quality issues, with their long-distance circulation technology (LDC). The LDC is award winning and can control the growth of blue-green algae in lakes and reservoirs, which in turn can eliminate the need for stratification and nitrification. The great thing about LDC is it can be applied almost anywhere, from estuaries to ponds.

In June 2012, the company received an EPA Small Business Innovation Research grant to further research, development and commercialisation of THM removal technology.

“The Medora Corporation name will be displayed more prominently on our web page, ads and literature,” said Bleth. “You will continue to see the SolarBee logo in ads and literature for solar-powered equipment, and you will also see the GridBee logo in ads and literature for electric equipment.”



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