• £15M Successfully Raised in Acquisition Finance

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£15M Successfully Raised in Acquisition Finance

Jul 09 2012

SLR Management Limited (UK), the international environmental consultancy, is pleased to announce it has successfully raised a further £15M in acquisition finance to continue its international expansion. Combined with internal funding this will enable SLR to acquire environmental consulting businesses with an aggregate enterprise value up to £50M.

Over the past five years SLR has successfully completed the acquisition of 12 businesses in Australia, Canada, Europe, Namibia, South Africa and the US to augment its strong organic growth. This strategy remains unchanged and SLR will continue to target high-quality consulting firms in growth regions and market sectors, particularly in energy and natural resources.

David Richards, CEO of SLR, said: “We are very pleased to continue our long-term relationship with Lloyds, who in combination with HSBC have provided the new facility. In these difficult times, the fact that we were able to raise a significant acquisition fund confirms both the success of our international growth strategy, which has allowed SLR to grow at a compound annual rate of 25 per cent for the last five years, and the appeal that this record provides to potential funders in what was a highly competitive process.”



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