• Hat-trick of AD Projects in the UK

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Hat-trick of AD Projects in the UK

Feb 08 2013

SLR Consulting (UK) is acting for funders during the construction and commissioning of two AD plants, one in Darlington, County Durham and the other in Dagenham, Essex.

At the Darlington site, SLR is acting as Project Monitor for HSBC Bank during the 12-month build of the £6.6 Million Emerald Biogas facility. On completion the plant will process 53,000tpa food and agricultural residues – producing 1.4MWe output to the grid.

In Dagenham, SLR is working as the Independent Certifier to the funders for the 18-month construction of the £21 million TEG AD/IVC facility. Designed to compost 19,000tpa co-mingled, compostable garden /kitchen wastes and 30,000tpa source segregated household/commercial food wastes in an AD unit, producing 1.4MWe for export to the grid.

Construction is now underway at both sites, with the Darlington plant due to commence commissioning in July 2013 and handover of the Dagenham plant is scheduled for March 2014.

SLR is also currently providing technical due diligence on a 100,000tpa AD facility planned for Teeside, the first of six proposed plants to be built across the UK.

SLR Principal, Peter McKendry said: “We believe the next two to three years will be critical in the delivery of a number of waste management schemes that have been in development for some time. The fact that we are now providing consultancy services both to developers and to scheme funders demonstrates the high regard that our expertise in new waste technologies is held.”


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