• Carbon capture and storage-ready scrubber systems for marine industry

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Carbon capture and storage-ready scrubber systems for marine industry

Mar 08 2023

In a significant step towards decarbonisation, Wärtsilä, the technology group, has announced that it has received its first order for carbon capture and storage-ready scrubber systems. This marks the first time that Wärtsilä has received an order for its CCS technologies on a vessel.

The order was received in November 2022 and the delivery is expected to take place in 2023. Four 8,200 TEU container vessels will be fitted with Wärtsilä’s CCS-Ready 35MW scrubber in an open loop configuration. These scrubbers are termed CCS-Ready as they have been designed with space and capabilities to have a CCS unit added in the future, thereby enabling ship owners to futureproof their assets and remain competitive and compliant.

As part of their installation, Wärtsilä will perform additional design and engineering work to ensure that future retrofits for a full CCS system on the vessels have already been accounted for during the newbuilding construction stage. This will include ensuring adequate space for the future installation of the CCS system, incorporating considerations for minimising idle load and optimising utilities, and preparing the control and automation system accordingly.

By investing in a CCS-Ready scrubber, ship owners will futureproof their assets and enable a smooth transition to CCS adoption once the technology is mature. This is a key solution to enable maritime decarbonisation in a short timeframe. Wärtsilä is currently testing its CCS system at a 70% capture rate and a pilot installation will take place within the next twelve months.

Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment is the market-leading marine exhaust gas cleaning system manufacturer, with a range of lifecycle scrubbing solutions. Wärtsilä offers integrated compliant solutions for all types of ships, and in open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid configurations. Wärtsilä’s scrubbers are built with a modular approach to future technology development, creating a platform for the abatement of other emissions from shipping beyond sulphur.

Overall, this order is a significant milestone in the decarbonisation journey of the maritime industry. With Wärtsilä’s CCS-Ready scrubbers, ship owners can remain compliant with regulations and also prepare for a future where CCS technology is fully mature.



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