• Deal signed on landmark environment programme for Mexico

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Deal signed on landmark environment programme for Mexico

Nov 10 2009

A landmark carbon trading deal, currently the most advanced Programme of Activities (PoA) seeking approval under the United Nation’s Clean Development Mechanism and the first to gain host country approval in Mexico, has been agreed.

The “CUIDEMOS Mexico” – Programme of Activities seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and alleviate poverty through the free distribution and installation of 30 million energy-saving light bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs) across Mexico.

Starting with the distribution of one million CFLs in the state of Puebla, the Programme will use local partnerships with national retail chains to access a wide network of targeted households, as well as building grassroots support and momentum through media campaigns publicising the benefits of tangible energy savings and creating widespread climate change awareness. Up to 30 similar projects under the PoA are planned, with the intention of delivering the total 7.5 million CERs to Eneco Energy Trade B.V..

The deal, brokered by TFS Green, partners Eneco Energy Trade B.V., a business unit of Eneco Holding N.V., a leading energy company in the Netherlands and Cool nrg International, a global leader in innovative energy efficiency action.

Expected to launch ahead of the international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen at the end of this year, CUIDEMOS Mexico has the potential to cut CO2 emissions by up to 7.5 million tonnes while saving low-income households in Mexico a combined US$165 million per year in reduced electricity bills, contributing significantly to poverty alleviation across the country. This pioneering project is in the process of applying for the Gold Standard premium label and as such will achieve the highest standards for sustainable development in the market.


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