• Micropollutants removed from wastewater
    The Porrentruy WWTP in French-speaking Switzerland is the 8th client’s plant built by WABAG for the removal of micropollutants in wastewater. The plant with a capacity of max. 30,200 m3/d was equipped with the WABAG BIOZONE® process.


Micropollutants removed from wastewater

Mar 22 2021

In 2016, Switzerland became the first European country to issue new legislation mandating the removal of micropollutants in wastewater. 120 wastewater treatment plants are to be expanded with a fourth treatment stage aiming at the elimination of more than 80% of micropollutants in wastewater.  The Porrentruy wastewater treatment plant in French-speaking Switzerland has commissioned WABAG to remove micropollutants from its wastewater.

Micropollutants are substances that occur in very low concentrations (ng/l to μg/l) in water and their existence could only first be proven with the availability of steadily more effective analytical methodology. They include a wide range of substances of mainly anthropogenic origin which infiltrate both surface and underground water reserves in a number of differing ways. Municipal wastewater treatment plants are not the sole path of input for micropollutants, but certainly the main one. 

The Porrentruy wastewater treatment plant will use WABAGs  BIOZONE® process which is a combination of ozonation and filtration.


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