• Top 10 Companies Supply 50 Percent of the World`s Pumps


Top 10 Companies Supply 50 Percent of the World`s Pumps

Jul 09 2008

The world market for industrial pumps in 2006 was 29 billion The top 10 companies accounted for 50 percent of the total The rankings of 457 pump companies have been compiled by the McIlvaine Company and included in Pumps World Markets an online continually updated 40 000 page report ITT is the largest supplier and with sales of 2 7 billion 9 percent market share Asian pump suppliers are rising in the rankings One Chinese and one Indian company are in the top 30 Many new Chinese companies have entered the market in recent years They are meeting the rapidly growing demand for industrial pumps within the country The power plant flue gas desulphurization market is a good example Outside China the market for the large limestone slurry pumps is served primarily by Weir KSB and Duechting However the demand in China in 2006 was much larger than the rest of the world combined Demand exceeded the capacity of the international companies and was served by domestic pump companies The world market according to McIlvaine will grow to 37 billion in 2011 Contributing to this growth will be purchases in China for municipal wastewater treatment drinking water chemical iron and steel manufacturing



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