• GE`s Contribution to the Olympic Legacy


GE`s Contribution to the Olympic Legacy

Sep 29 2008

GE (USA) has contributed to more than 350 infrastructure projects around Beijing. This includes projects at all 37 Olympic venues, as well as 168 commercial buildings. GE has developed an advanced membrane-filtered wastewater treatment system at the Qinghe Waste Water Plant capable of recycling 80,000 cubic metres of water daily in support of
Olympic landscaping. The use of GE process membranes by GE`s major customers has eliminated more than 21 billion gallons of industrial wastewater per year, reducing the burden on treatment plants and conserving clean water for domestic and agricultural needs.
GE has also provided multiple technologies for China`s first rainwater recycling system located at Beijing`s National Stadium, scene of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. This new rainwater recycling system will use underground pools to process up to 100 tonnes of rainwater per hour, 80 tonnes of which can be re-used for landscaping, fire fighting and cleaning, thereby lowering the stadium’s
water consumption.
The National Stadium has also been using GE`s water treatment technology during the Games to provide up to 16 tonnes of purified safe drinking water per hour, which meets the latest national standards. Looking beyond the Games, these systems are part of efforts to help Beijing implement environmentally sustainable water management solutions, which will be of permanent benefit to people across the
capital and eventually other parts of the country.


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