• Optimisation experts Riventa to test and show energy-saving opportunities at 10 of Thames Waters’ Sewage treatment Works


Optimisation experts Riventa to test and show energy-saving opportunities at 10 of Thames Waters’ Sewage treatment Works

Jan 26 2021

As part of its commitment to continually improving its energy performance, Thames Water has brought in optimisation experts Riventa to test the performance of 90 aeration system blowers across ten of its sewage treatment works (STW).

From Beckton, the largest STW in Europe, where 26 blowers will undergo extensive monitoring, to the Blackbirds STW near Watford with just two blowers, Riventa will carry out comprehensive performance testing for up to four months. Potential savings from 5% to 30% are forecast, depending on the age and condition of existing equipment, including valves, pipework and diffusers, as well as the actual blowers. The demand profile of each STW will also be calculated, together with analysis of control systems and philosophy currently in use.

Justin Camis, Energy Engineering Project Manager for Thames Water, said: “We’ve had a long commitment to be more sustainable in all areas of the business. Delivering efficient operations is one of nine themes that make up the heart of our sustainability policy, measuring the efficiency of our pumping systems - and acting on the insight it brings is key to achieving this.”

Steve Barrett, Managing Director at Riventa, added: “With minimum disruption to Thames Water’s site operations, we will collect maximum data. We are looking forward to working at the larger sites such as Beckton, Reading and Oxford, but a smaller treatment works like Blackbirds also provides valuable test beds for pilot studies and the establishment of exemplary specifications and practice – very much in keeping with Thames Water’s pursuit of operational excellence”. 

Riventa, who specialise in pump system and network optimisation for water and wastewater applications, will highlight any deterioration in the efficiency of the blowers and advise on key potential cost savings through refurbishment, replacement and scheduling/process changes that can be implemented to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

In addition to the UK, Cornwall-based Riventa has also brought about significant energy savings to municipal and industrial plants in the U S, Brazil and South Korea.


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