• QM Environmental Services at IFAT-ENTSORGA 2012 in Munich


QM Environmental Services at IFAT-ENTSORGA 2012 in Munich

Apr 25 2012

For the 3rd consecutive time QM Environmental Services will be present at IFAT-ENTSORGA from 7 to 11 May in Munich, Germany. Together with Bioscience Inc. from the United States, H2Ortner from Germany and BioFil from Spain, QM will be presenting its innovative products for wastewater treatment, bioremediation, plumbing maintenance, and odour and algae control.
QM and its partners at iFAT, offer a range of microbial formulations under the trade name MICROCAT®. MICROCAT® Additives are blends of safe, natural ingredients (including microbes, enzymes, proteins, adsorbent, surfactants) in dry powder or in water-based liquid or solid block form for problem solving in pollution control and waste recycling operations. Additionally to Microcat products QM offers Analytical Instruments for wastewater analysis, biodegradation studies and BioFill Plastic Filter Media.

At IFAT we will pay special attention to our product Microcat-BioPOP. This product which was first introduced at IFAT 2010, has made a spectacular introduction in the market over the last 2 years by demonstrating its superb effectiveness in degrading fats, oils and greases (FOG) in grease traps and municipal pumping stations. O&M costs can therefore significantly be reduced whilst operation of these systems is undisturbed.One recent application of Microcat-BioPOP in combination with Microcat-DNTRF also demonstrated reduced H2S levels in a downstream pumping station. Enhanced FOG degradation contributes to lower H2S formation because of the removal of insoluble’s which seal of sewage waters from the air and also form crusts on the interior walls of the pumping stations and sewer lines. The anaerobic layers which form between the encrustation and the concrete surface are a big source for sulphide and subsequent H2S production and contribute significantly to corrosion. Downstream pumping stations and even inlets of sewage plants can receive dangerous levels of H2S because of this effect. A sustainable solution provided by Microcat is a long term solution to this problem. Rather than dosing chemicals to elevate the ORP of the sewage which will have a temporary effect on H2S levels, the removal of FOG from the system provides a long term solution as the source of the problem is effectively removed and therefore the life span of the sewer network, its fixtures and pumps is prolonged.

In the field of wastewater treatment, QM’s distributor Ekotakas UAB from Kaunas, Lithuania, recently signed a contract with a municipal wastewater treatment plant in one of the Baltic Republics for re-establishing nitrification through dosing of Microcat-XNC. During the winter period the nitrification completely disappeared from this municipal wastewater treatment plant. Microcat-XNC will be dosed during the month of April to re-establish a nitrifying population in the treatment plant.

For more information about these applications and information about our products visit us at IFAT-ENTSORGA in Munich from 7 to 11 May, in Hall 2A stand 322 or go to our website at www.qmes.nl.



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