• Cost-effective Water and Gas Purification Systems


Cost-effective Water and Gas Purification Systems

Jul 11 2008

Paques (The Netherlands) develops and produces cost-effective water and gas purification systems using innovative biotechnology. These systems offer industries and municipalities added value, such as: the re-use of and savings on water, the generation of energy and the reclamation of
valuable substances from the wastewater. Their products combine economic progress with environmental responsibility.
Paques is a leader in the field of anaerobic purification plants. The company has a strong position in the brewing and food industries and in the paper sector, but their solutions are applied all over the world in diverse sectors: from the water industry, the mining/metals industry to the (petro)chemical, fermentation and pharmaceutical industries.
Even though the Paques’ technologies are mainly built on economic grounds, significant environmental advantages are reached with their reference base for example, Daily 9 million kg of organic pollution treated with their anaerobic installations; A staggering 3.2 Mt CO2 reduction, equaling 25% of the reduction commitment of the Netherlands according to the Kyoto treaty.
Also their technologies have created sufficient energy production to meet the natural gas requirements of a city with 1.4 million inhabitants, two times a city like Amsterdam and finally Yearly,
36.5 million kg SO2 is prevented from being emitted into air, comparing to 75% of the emission limit for the Netherlands conform the Kyoto protocol.
Paques has built up an extensive international network. In more than forty countries, professional partners and licensees are ensuring that our knowledge and technology are available internationally.
Paques has become an established name in the field of biological industrial purification. Our network of licensees is supported from our offices in Balk (the Netherlands) and Shanghai.



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