• Two New Series of Integrated Ozone Systems


Two New Series of Integrated Ozone Systems

Apr 01 2009

Pacific Ozone (USA) announce the release of two new series of integrated ozone systems. 

The Summit and Horizon ozone systems seamlessly integrate the four critical elements of ozone systems – feed gas preparation/oxygen concentration, ozone generation, mass transfer, and process control – in complete skid-based, stainless steel systems. The Summit Series is optimized to meet the exacting requirements of sanitary applications in the bottled water, beverage, food processing, brewing, and personal care products industries. The Horizon Series is designed for applications in commercial laundry and aquaculture, wastewater treatment and other industrial applications.
Summit Series systems are pre-configured with a host of useful standard features such as PID control and dissolved ozone and ambient ozone detection. The basic features of the Horizon Series may be augmented by two comprehensive options packages. A host of additional optional accessories allow the both Series to be tailored to the specific needs of each application.

“The Summit and Horizon Series ozone systems will allow us to better serve the specific customer needs in a broad range of industries and applications,” noted Chris Rombach, President of Pacific Ozone. “The improved design, configurations, and range of features will make it easy to tailor our ozone systems to stringent sanitary applications as well as demanding industrial tasks,” added Rombach.


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