• Jung Pumpen Goes to Munich – IFAT 2008


Jung Pumpen Goes to Munich – IFAT 2008

Jul 11 2008

At the 2008 IFAT Jung Pumpen from Steinhagen in Germany will present itself for the first time under the pennant of the new owner Pentair Inc. The Pentair Water Group, which alongside the pure pumping
technology also comprises companies which are specialists in water treatment, filter and swimming pool technology. On a 200 m2 stand area Jung Pumpen will present the latest developments in sewage and
wastewater technology. In addition to Jung Pumpen the American subsidiaries of Pentair Hydromatic and Fairbank Morse will also
show their products.
The benefit for the customers from the take over of Jung Pumpen by the American water specialis Pentair is that an enormous range of wastewater pumps from as small as 0.3 kWup to more than 400 kWis now available from Jung Pumpen.
Besides the advantages of the technological size, Jung Pumpen also benefits from the global sales and marketing structure of the American company. This means that new international markets can be serviced using the advantages of the existing contacts and market partners of the group.
Naturally Jung Pumpen has more to offer at IFAT than the new strategic direction within the Pentair Group. Visitors to IFAT will see a new corrosion resistant sump of synthetic material with discharge connection DN32 designed for pressurised dewatering. It is also suitable for vehicular traffic to class B (D). The new concept ensures simple and clean maintenance, optimum wastewater dwell times in the sump and discharge line together with a high load bearing capability.
Jung Pumpen has also completed its program offering with new wastewater and sewage pumps of discharge sizes DN 80 und DN 200 on display. At the upper side of the range, the availability of large pumps from the sister companies in the group e.g. Fairbank Morse now means that almost all the needs of the user can be met.
The mini treatment plant program from Jung is being gradually extended. This year we will present the first mini treatment plant pump oxylift to the market. It has a large free solids passage and is very resistant to clogging. It has many interesting applications for reliable and maintenance friendly operation.
Two optimized aerators oxyperl 3 and 5 for mini treatment plants add further value to our market offerings in this segment.
At Munich Jung Pumpen are showing an innovative compact SBR-System – oxynauteco – which can be used for the refurbishment of existing three chamber septic tanks or as a stand alone system for the treatment of wastewater from up the 12 dwellings.
The avoidance of noxious odours when pumping away wastewater is very important to municipalities. A patented control system for compressed air rinsing systems calculates the correct switching intervals and thus ensures reduced energy costs and the avoidance of noxious odours in sewage pumping systems.



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