• Ultimate Solution for Wastewater Disinfection with UV Light


Ultimate Solution for Wastewater Disinfection with UV Light

Sep 05 2008

ITT (Germany) presents a totally new designed outdoor version of the WEDECO TAK series, the ultimate solution for waste-water disinfection with UV light. The main feature of this new version of the TAK 55 UV system is the integration of the electrical cabinets for ballasts, control and power distribution into the former junction box so that individual cabling of the lamps to the ballasts in the field is eliminated.

This will drastically reduce time and cost during installation and start-up. The new cabinets will be installed across the channel and receive directly the lamp cables from the module. The new version will be equipped with the latest ballast generation which has been extensively tested for temperature stability and electrical robustness.
The TAK 55 series was generally engineered for the disinfection of municipal waste-water.

Several different TAK design configurations are available to meet worldwide regulatory requirements (e.g. European bathing water guidelines, WHO guidelines for irrigation, California`s Title 22 for wastewater reclamation, etc.) and cope with varying degrees of water quality depending on the level of pre-treatment (e.g. primary, secondary or tertiary). Installed in final effluent channels, the modular design of the TAK allows for practically unlimited flow capacities.


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