• Industrial Wastewater and Biogas Contracts Worth $3.7M


Industrial Wastewater and Biogas Contracts Worth $3.7M

Mar 27 2024

Fluence Corporation Limited is excited to announce significant strides in securing contracts within both the Industrial Wastewater and Biogas sectors, totalling $3.7 million. Furthermore, the company has made notable advancements in the North American Municipal Water & Wastewater domain, securing bookings worth $3.3 million in the first two months of 2024.

Industrial Wastewater and Biogas Successes
Fluence has clinched a substantial $2.3 million contract to provide an aerobic wastewater purification plant with a capacity of 7,500 m³/day to Cartiere di Trevi, a leading recycled paper mill situated in Trevi, Italy. This facility, which produces up to 240 tons of cardboard daily, is slated for commissioning by mid-2025.

Additionally, a prominent food processing company in northern Italy has invested $1.4 million in Fluence's pre-treatment process, encompassing wastewater accumulation and primary treatment featuring fine screenings and dissolved air flotation units. With a capacity of up to 5,500 m³/day, this solution is set for commissioning in late 2024.

Fabio Poletto, VP and GM of Industrial Wastewater and Biogas, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "We are leveraging our strong reputation and customer relationships in Italy while making headway in North America, evident from the significant letters of intent executed in 2024."

Advancement in the North American Municipal Market, Introduction of MABR Technology in Two States
Fluence's Municipal Water & Wastewater division has secured multiple contracts in North America, totalling $3.3 million. Notably, the company has introduced its MABR (membrane aerated biofilm reactor) technology to Colorado and Indiana for the first time, marking a significant milestone.

In Colorado, Fluence has been contracted to supply an MABR plant to Sagewood Pointe Homeowners Association. This 26,000 GPD wastewater treatment plant includes a 40’ equalisation/sludge holding tank (EQ/SST), Aspiral™ L3, and Aspiral™ M0 Plus with UV disinfection, targeted for delivery and commissioning by year-end.

Similarly, Fluence has secured an order for an Aspiral™ M1+ and an EQ/SST tank for Needmore Elementary School in Bedford, Indiana. These equalisation/sludge storage tanks represent new offerings as part of Fluence’s expanding Aspiral™ Flex family of products, aiming to provide comprehensive treatment plant solutions.

Steven Scheidler, VP & GM of Municipal Water and Wastewater, commented, "We are delighted to secure these contracts with Sage and Needmore. With stricter Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) regulations in various US states, our Aspiral™ solution, leveraging MABR treatment technology, offers efficient nutrient removal with compact packaging for quick delivery and setup.


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