• New Standards for Waste Water Decanters


New Standards for Waste Water Decanters

Jan 19 2010

Flottweg has made a quantum jump forward in both energy efficiency and processing performance with its new decanter series. The new C-Series decanter centrifuge line shows operational cost savings of up to 30 % while maximizing separation efficiency. Lower investment costs give the end user a machine with the best price/performance ration in the industry.

With its 7500th centrifuge, Flottweg has proven once again its capacity for innovation. Our top priority in the development of new products, is to continue to produce cutting edge energy efficient technology to ensure we maintain our commitment and responsibility in preserving our most precious of natural resources.

Minimal Operating Costs
The optimal machine geometry of the new C-Series dramatically reduces electric power consumption. Efficient acceleration of the product in the feed zone combined with very specific internal scroll designs result in smaller installed horsepower requirements and lower overall power consumption of the motors (up to 20-30%). In addition, current customers confirm the current configuration of the new C-Series maximizes both reliability and availability.

Lower Investment Costs
Due to higher internal sedimentation volume, the capacity of a similar-sized machine is increased by 10-20%, which ultimately results in lower investment costs since it is now possible to use a smaller machine for the same feed rate without suffering in processing performance. This helps the end user overcome capacity bottlenecks without sacrificing centrate or discharged cake quality.

Since the Summer of 2008, more than 50 decanters of the new C-Series have been installed and run in different waste water applications including the dewatering and thickening of sewage sludges all with excellent results. The three available models C3E, C4E, and C5E cover processing ranges from 10 - 90 m3/hr (44 – 396 gpm). Flottweg report “Because of the performance of the new C-Series, our customers have surprised us with orders exceeding all initial projected forecasts with no indication of slowing down.”



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