• Change in Leadership at Flottweg, Germany


Change in Leadership at Flottweg, Germany

Oct 03 2008

The Chief Executive Manager of Flottweg (Germany), Peter Bruckmayer, and the Financial Director Joachim Weiershaus have retired in July 2008 from day-to-day operations and become members of Flottweg AG`s (incorporated company) Board of Directors. Fritz Colesan, Sales Manager and new Speaker of the Board of Directors, Knut Pantel, Commercial
Manager, Georg Schwinghammer, Production Manager and Manfred Schlarb, Technical Manager, form the new management of Flottweg AG and will direct the company in future. The new directors have all been executive managers at Flottweg for a long time and have been accurately prepared
for their new job. The company started business 75 years ago.
The transformation from a small Bavarian company to a global player - today, Flottweg is a world leading manufacturer of centrifuges with over 500 employees who achieve an annual turnover of more than 100 million Euros.


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