• Centrifugal Slurry Pumps


Centrifugal Slurry Pumps

Jan 14 2009

Emile Egger is one of the few leading manufacturers of centrifugal slurry pumps that has, for the last 60 years invested in developing and improving its products to keep up with today`s demands of quality, reliability and value for money.
Products consist of:

Fully recessed impeller vortex pumps (Turo®) incorporating patented axial spiral casing design providing increased hydraulic efficiencies, low attrition to solids and reduced component wear. Range up to 100 l/sec and heads up to 90m

Semi Open impeller pumps (EO /EOS) for slurries, capable of handling up to 25% entrained gasses and solids. Range up to 1`300 l/sec and heads up to 120m

Axial flow elbow propeller pumps, large capacities, low heads (RPP/RPG)
applications include reactor circulation & salt evaporation.

Flow measuring & regulating valves, principle of operation based on iris type-variable aperture with central opening and closing resulting in high accuracy, positive regulation and low energy losses (Iris Valves) Ideal for aeration systems.

Turo® & EO/EOS available Horizontal & Vertically dry mounted, Vertical Enclosed Shaft Driven sump mounted, Vertical Cantilever Sump mounted and fully submersible electrically and hydraulically driven. Eggers designs provide for a wide choice of seal types. Also available Eggers own unique hydrodynamic seal.

Iris valves available manually, electrically or pneumatically operated.
All Egger products available in a wide choice of materials


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