• World’s largest drum screen


World’s largest drum screen

Mar 06 2009

Baycor Fibre Tech (Canada) launch their massive new rotary drum screen. The Baycor MDS units handle greater flow capacities while providing higher filtered effluent yields. More than just big in size, Baycor screens are big on results. This means that more wastewater, or sludge, can be processed with fewer screens, in less space, reducing construction and installation costs.

The unique Unibody™ design gives Baycor the flexibility to customize a screen to your specific application and screening goals. In addition, all serviceable components on the Baycor MDS screens are externally accessible affording substantial savings in operation and on-going maintenance costs. Baycor’s proprietary slide-in screen panels provide far superior adaptability over any other screening system. In the unlikely event of a screen becoming damaged, it is a simple matter to replace a single panel as opposed to having to replace the entire drum.


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