• Manitoba Conservation Environmental Services Approves Residential Wastewater System


Manitoba Conservation Environmental Services Approves Residential Wastewater System

Oct 23 2009

The Manitoba Conservation Environmental Services Commission has approved the Bord na Mona (Ireland) Puraflo® Peat Fiber Biofilter wastewater treatment solution for installation throughout Manitoba, in accordance with the authority under Section 25 of the Onsite Wastewater Management Systems Regulation. The approval is effective immediately, according to Michael Sundberg, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager for Bord na Mona Environmental Products U.S. Inc.

“The Puraflo Peat Biofilter treatment system is a superior low energy natural wastewater treatment solution for on-site wastewater treatment requirements,” Sundberg said today. “And we are very pleased to now have the approval of the Manitoba Conservation Environmental Services Commission to install the system throughout the province of Manitoba.”

Delivered in a pre-assembled modular unit that reduces installation costs, the Puraflo solution is compatible with pad dispersal systems, making it an ideal treatment solution in difficult soil, shallow water table, and lot size restrictive applications. It is a single pass system that does not require blowers, complex control panels or recirculation pumps. As a result low power time-dosed solution, provides savings for homeowners while meeting LEED and other green building standards.

The key to Puraflo system is that it utilizes a natural peat fiber, which is a by-product of the energy production industry. It protects the public’s health by removing greater than 99% of harmful bacteria through a natural treatment process without the need for chlorination or Uv. It protects the environment by consistently producing odor free and guaranteed treatment results to a much higher standard than many of the other treatment systems on the market today including natural nitrification of the wastewater reducing the ammonia levels to less than 5mg/l. In short, Puraflo is a state of the art green building solution that lowers the installation, energy, and maintenance costs for installers and homeowners. With increasing environmental pollution standards, concerns on the robustness of on-site systems and the desire to save energy, it’s what the industry needs.

The most common Puralfo system applications include individual residential sites, community cluster systems, light commercial, schools, and subdivision developments. The system is particularly suited for intermittent flow applications such as cottages, churches, parks, and resorts as it retains the beneficial bacteria in the media. In addition the modular design allows phasing of the construction and very cost effective solutions for one & two bedroom cottages and lake side developments where high levels of treatment are desirable. The Puraflo treatment system is also an excellent solution for repairs.


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