• Defining New Benchmarks for Dewatering Performance


Defining New Benchmarks for Dewatering Performance

Jul 23 2008

The technology advances built into ALDEC G2 decanter centrifuges from
Alfa Laval (Australia) have quite simply raised the overall standard of what you can achieve when it comes to dewatering performance. The
revolutionary technical concepts at the heart of the ALDEC G2 design have enabled us to make a quantum leap forward in terms of capacity,
performance and reliability.
ALDEC G2 units treat larger quantities of sludge while also providing
cleaner centrate and drier cake, using less energy and only the absolute
minimum of polymer. Effective dewatering of large volumes of sludge requires consistently high torque and effective control. ALDEC G2 decanter centrifuges are the only design currently available that gives you both - across the whole range of throughput.
In the ALDEC G2 design, the sludge is fed in carefully and the polymer is mixed in at exactly the right place and time. This makes the
dewatering process supremely effective, and you get the most out of it.
Furthermore, the sludge is only discharged when all the centrifugal forces available in the bowl have been exploited to the full, thus
ensuring maximum effect.
The unique drive system that Alfa Laval introduced with the ALDEC G2 makes it possible to vary the bowl speed and the conveyor speed
independently of each other, ensuring a perfect match with operating requirements as they fluctuate and vary.
This provides you with consistent levels of efficiency across the operating spectrum, using only a minimum of energy.
ALDEC G2 units are fitted with the unique G2 Core Controller as standard. This controls operation of the Direct Drive system so that it
matches the exact solids load in the bowl. A comprehensive range of control solutions are available to provide the exact degree of
monitoring and automation you require for maximum efficiency.



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