• Easter Island Hotels in Chile orders new wastewater treatment plant


Easter Island Hotels in Chile orders new wastewater treatment plant

Sep 15 2009

Easter Island, Chile, famous for its unique collection of giant stone heads scattered across the island, is the site of a new ADI Systems’ treatment plant. ADI has secured a contract at Hanga Roa Hotel to treat its wastewater. Design of the new system is underway and will be operational for the 2009-2010 tourist season, providing such a high quality treated wastewater that it can be directly discharged to a local stream. For two years an existing ADI Systems’ treatment plant has operated successfully at another luxury resort located on the island, Hotel Explora.

ADI (USA) uses its ADI-MBR technology which has a proven track record for producing exceptional quality wastewater. It also is a very compact system, occupying a small footprint.

Chile’s Isla de Pascua (Easter Island-Rapa Nui to locals) is a small volcanic outcrop in the remote South Pacific. The island is a popular tourist destination, noted for its long-lost civilization that scattered giant carved heads, perfect climate and beautiful landscapes. Due to its remote location, environmental protection is paramount.

The island’s sensitive environment and limited fresh water resources present a challenge to locals and to the tourism industry. ADI technology, the ADI-MBR, has proved a significant benefit to this dilemma between tourism and the environment.


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