• Cooling Towers Disinfection Without Biocides


Cooling Towers Disinfection Without Biocides

Jul 24 2008

Adamant Technologies (Switzerland) and Apsytec (FR) are partner companies which developed Soxitis®, a product dedicated to the biocide free disinfection for industrial cooling towers. This system integrates the DiaCell® technology and uses Adamant®-Electrodes, which are very innovative electrodes made of boron-doped diamond that allow electrochemical generation of mixed disinfectants directly from water and mineral salts.
The overall disinfectants (active oxygen and others) of Soxitis® are generated both through water oxidation (hydroxyl radical, hydrogen peroxide, ozone) and mineral salt oxidation (peroxodisulfate, peroxodicabonate, hypochlorite).
Soxitis® type has to be defined according to cooling tower size and specifications and it has a user friendly interface that allows continuous displaying of numerous operating parameters.
Several comparative studies have been performed with conventional treatment methods that use biocide dosing on microorganisms such as Legionnella. All these microorganisms were destroyed three to five times faster with the DiaCell® technology than with other traditional chemical dosing methods.
Soxitis® offers the advantages of an automated disinfection of high efficiency, without biocide addition and handling, therefore without risk for operators and for the environment.


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