• Greentech EKOGRID solution approved for remediation of US superfund waste sites

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Greentech EKOGRID solution approved for remediation of US superfund waste sites

Jun 13 2018

Initial consideration to participate in 54 Florida state-wide Superfund remediation projects is via the Waste Management Division of Florida’s Department of Environment Protection

Greentech remediation specialists Eko Harden Technologies (EHT) today announces that its pioneering, in-situ EKOGRID electro kinetic oxidation technology has been granted the coveted status of an accepted innovative technology by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) Division of Waste Management.

The accolade paves the way for EHT to enter the lucrative Florida government’s remediation program, including the ability to work on 54 waste spots across the state dubbed “Superfund sites” as well as other sites designated by the State as contaminated. These sites include toxic chemical spills from factories and landfills, dumped for decades into the environment with the resulting effect of polluting surrounding soil, water and air.

The scale of remediation in the US is staggering. About 17% of America’s population live within five kms of a Superfund site, including 18% of children under the age of five, affecting their health and lifestyle.

“The Florida State’s acceptance of our cutting-edge EKOGRID solution is groundbreaking and enables EHT to formally enter the US environmental remediation market,” states Erkki Linderg, Chairman of Eko Harden Technologies. “It could see EKOGRID being used to remediate more than 3,500 chemical spills each year in the US and at many of the 1,300 Superfund polluted sites on the Federal Government’s National Priority List.”

The EKOGRID solution will be distributed and delivered in Florida by EHT partners Greenvo Oy of Finland and local US environmental remediation specialists Royal Consulting Services Inc.

“Environmental pollution continues to be a major problem in the US and cannot be overlooked despite diminishing funding and resources,” stresses Brian Roy, President and Operating Manager at Royal Consulting Services, Inc. “Smarter, more cost-efficient solutions are now urgently required for in-situ nationwide remediation projects and EKOGRID is at the forefront.”

EHT’s in-situ remediation technology is quickly becoming the method of choice for many government agencies, municipalities, land developers, and energy companies united in their effort to eliminate environmental disasters.

The technology supports the growth of global wealth and improvement of a healthier environment in a sustainable manner by removing chemical pollutants from both land and water “in situ” through an advanced oxidation and enhanced bioremediation process. EKOGRID electro kinetic oxidation technology produces a controlled low voltage electric field in a polluted area and the patented technology has already proven to be an ecologically sustainable and cost-efficient way of remediating polluted sites in fifteen countries across all continents.

Today’s news from EHT follows other recent announcements from the firm stating that it has also entered the Chinese and Italian remediation markets with the assistance and support of local partners.


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