• EKOGRID In-Situ Solution Enters Italian Remediation Market

Soil Remediation

EKOGRID In-Situ Solution Enters Italian Remediation Market

May 07 2018

In-situ soil and groundwater remediation solution set to attack Italy's 6,000 polluted sites that require urgent remediation intervention

Greentech remediation specialists Eko Harden Technologies (EHT) Oy today announces that it has entered into a cooperation agreement with Italian remediation specialists Mares S.R.L. The agreement authorizes Mares to utilize EHT's groundbreaking EKOGRID in-situ technology in its soil and groundwater remediation projects and to sell the technology to other Italian and international environmental projects.

"This long-term cooperation agreement with Mares represents a significant expansion in Eko Harden Technologies' EU remediation business," says Sami Humala, Sales Director of Eko Harden Technologies. "Our EKOGRID technology in Italian remediation projects will now begin to have a deep impact on the country's many polluted sites."

In Italy, there are almost 300 thousand hectares and six thousand regional sites that require urgent remediation interventions. These include abandoned, decommissioned industrial sites and gas stations as well as sites still in operation.

"It is timely for Mares to bring EKOGRID technology to the Italian Oil & Gas market and this supports us in remediating the vast number of polluted sites in this country," says Francesco Cappelli, Managing Director of Mares S.R.L. "In many locations, traditional methods such as dig and dump are neither friendly to the environment or economically sound."

Mares is a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Italy. Formed in 1996, Mares manages the maintenance of 750 gas stations across Italy. In 2009, the Mares Environmental Office opened in Rome with a mission to improve the management of polluted sites in a more cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Eko Harden and its groundbreaking in-situ remediation technology is fast becoming the partner-of-choice of government agencies, municipalities, land developers and energy companies alike to eliminate environmental disasters. EKOGRID electro kinetic oxidation technology produces a controlled low voltage electric field in a polluted area. This technology supports the growth of global wealth and health in a sustainable manner by removing chemical pollutants in both land and water "in situ" by advanced oxidation and enhanced bioremediation. The patented technology has proven to be an ecological, sustainable and cost-efficient way for remediating the environment already in fifteen countries across all continents.



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