• New levels reached in Catalytic VOC oxidizers

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New levels reached in Catalytic VOC oxidizers

Sep 21 2009

Ehovoc Oy (Finland) develops, manufactures and sells catalytic VOC incinerators. Some 50 units have been delivered around Europe to Norway, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Romania and China.

There are 2 main routes for VOC abatement – traditional high temperature non catalytic thermal oxidation and catalytic oxidation. Although the temperature required by catalytic oxidation is approx. 500 oC lower than the alternate route, the thermal oxidation has become the dominant “main technology” in VOC abatement.

This is about to change. After 10 years of intense scientific co-operation between catalytic supplier Ecocat Oy, The University of Oulu and Ehovoc Oy the development of catalytic incineration has reached a new level such that this investment in science will turn the economic and reliability balance in favour of catalytic systems.

In consequence of basic scientific research and applied engineering Ehovoc has been able to replace thermal oxidizers with its catalytic units even though the purification results of the old units were fine. The replacements show substantial energy and operational cost savings. In the best case payback times as a normal investment was only 10 months.

Ehovoc is still able to give 10 year warranty for the catalyst in its VOC oxidizers. This extended warranty and lower operating temperature (~500 oC lower) gives such a benefit in operational costs that even possible technical development in thermal oxidation cannot compete.

Ehovoc will continue to invest in applied research and is convinced, that by utilizing future scientific developments catalytic VOC abatement will be established as the number one technology. Already we can handle chlorinated gases and others which few years ago were quite difficult for catalytic units.

Industry surely cannot afford to use any other technology. We can positively impact on the business cash flows. Science, the environment and good business sense all in unison.

More information from www.ehovoc.fi 
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