• Transforming Contaminants into Non-Bio-Available Forms

Hazardous Waste

Transforming Contaminants into Non-Bio-Available Forms

Jul 31 2008

Over the past decade Virotec International (Australia) have developed and commercialised ViroMineâ„¢ Technology, ViroFlowâ„¢Technology, ViroSewageâ„¢Technology (known as ViroFilterâ„¢ Technology in the European market) and ViroSoilâ„¢ Technology that are now applied in the industrial,
mining, agricultural and development sectors globally to stop the emission of pollution into environmental systems, remediate contaminated land and abandoned mine sites and treat industrial wastes of various forms. All of the technologies have the ability to bind metal and metalloid contaminants into non-bio-available forms, bind nutrients (phosphate and nitrate) and provide pH buffering. When
combined with the Rapid-Sequestro-Degradation (RSD) technique ViroSoilâ„¢ Technology will also destroy a wide range of hydrocarbon contaminants.
Whether ameliorating the negative effects of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS), removing contaminants from effluent wastewater from industrial processes (e.g. electroplating, tanning, steel works, timber treatment), binding metals in contaminated soil to prevent leaching and promote revegetation or treating municipal
wastewater to remove phosphate, Virotec has a proven, economically viable and practical solution.
Virotec Global Solutions services the Asian and Australia-Pacific Region and in conjunction with Virotec USA and Virotec Europe the Virotec group has the capacity to assist industry and communities throughout the globe when confronted with very challenging pollution and waste management issues.



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