• Site Remediation for Tas Paper Completed 
    Aerial photograph of Burnie Paper Mill

Soil Remediation

Site Remediation for Tas Paper Completed 

Oct 30 2012

Virotec Global Solutions have recently completed a large-scale application of their ViroFlow Technology for the demolition and site remediation of the oceanfront Paper Mill at Burnie Cell Plant, Tasmania. The site was contaminated with Mercury and has received the final sign off from the Tasmania Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to say the site has been appropriately prepared for sale.

This Paper Mill was the last in three major scale jobs undertaken by Virotec for Tas Paper. All of these jobs included the treatment and disposal of mercury contaminated waste.

The remediation of this site took place over a 6 month period from January. During this time Virotec demolished the contaminated sections of the Cell Plant, excavated the concrete and disused tanks, carefully sorted all waste, including concrete, steel, timber, bricks, soil and other contaminated solids, then pulverised the concrete and bricks on-site. Solid wastes needed to be treated on site due to the high levels of mercury. Asbestos was also found in the building, Virotec took special precaution to dispose of this material, conforming with strict health and safety standards.

Across the three projects, including the Wesley Vale Pulp and Paper Mill and Burnie Car Park, Virotec has treated approximately 5,000 tonnes of contaminated soil and approximately 40,000 litres of contaminated water to the Australia and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council2000 water quality guidelines. Another 1,200 tonnes of other contaminated material, including free mercury, was sent off-site to Virotec’s treatment facility.

The EPA sign-off closes a controversial chapter of Tasmanian history.


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