•  A one-stop-shop for municipalities and the industry
    Indaver AIR: integrated flue gas treatment system of incineration plant: ECP, wet scrubbing and dioxin filter: 30.000 Nm³/h.
  • Marrakech Municipal Wastewater treatment including sludge digestion, water reuse via tertiary treatment and odour control : 110.000 m³/d and 1.300.000 PE.
  • Heineken Effluent Treatment Plant : anaerobic water treatment and 1MWe Energy production.

Green Energy

 A one-stop-shop for municipalities and the industry

Nov 27 2013

Waterleau is a provider of environmental technologies operating from Belgium, with a track record of more than 1000 references in 80 countries. Waterleau is committed to developing solutions for sustainable development and is one of the few global players with a complete portfolio of water, air, waste treatment and green energy applications. A one-stop-shop for municipalities and the industry, Waterleau offers turn-key solutions for most of today’s environmental challenges. From EPC to Operation and Maintenance, the Waterleau scope of services guarantees an A to Z of solutions. 
Waterleau’s centre of excellence for air treatment is located in Paris. Waterleau has further developed its air treatment technology through the acquisition of the air division of Monsanto Enviro Chem Systems (MECS), acquired in 2001  and the integration of the French based SOCREMATIC air treatment technology provider (acquisition in 2006). Today the Waterleau Air Treatment Business Unit has become an outperforming excellence centre in the field of all kinds of flue gas treatment: chemical pollutants abatement, dedusting, desulphurisation, flue gas treatment using wet scrubbers and dioxin filtering, but also in the fields of VOC and odour control by means of biological and thermal oxidation. More than 400 plants in different industries make use of Waterleau designs to reduce air pollution. Technology from the world’s leading air technology partners is integrated into Waterleau designs in order to guarantee the best available solution for any specific air problem, meeting the most stringent emission regulations. 
WATERLEAU has constructed several plants for municipal wastewater treatment (MWWTP): cities like Marrakech, Baghdad rely on Waterleau’s expertise in wastewater treatment. The MWWTP of Marrakech and Fes are amongst the largest of the African continent. In Marrakech, 60% of the treated wastewater is reused for irrigation purposes after tertiary treatment. Sludge from the water treatment process is digested in anaerobic reactors, generating biogas, used to fuel the cogeneration units producing heat and electricity to operate the plant. 
Waterleau offers integrated solutions for the industrial wastewater treatment. From the production of process water using proprietary membrane technology, to anaerobic and aerobic treatment of effluents, Waterleau is the undisputable market leader for effluent treatment in the brewery industry. More than 100 effluent plants have been built for the five largest global brewers. 
Waterleau’s solutions for sludge treatment include dewatering, digestion, drying and incineration. Waterleau’s thermal drying technology allows high capacity sludge drying in combination with granulating or pelletizing. Pre-dried and dried sludge can be used as a soil conditioner or fertilizer or even be used as a fuel for its own thermal destruction (incineration). 
To help growing cities cope with increasing population, WATERLEAU designs and builds Waste-to-Energy plants turning municipal household waste into green energy. Cities like Shanghai, Jixi, and Binzhou in China recover more than 20 MWe each from municipal waste. Similar plants treat medical or industrial waste reaching sustainable solutions for the industry. In the Antwerp harbour in Belgium, a state-of-the art hazardous and clinical waste treatment plant treats the medical waste of the BENELUX countries. 
Waterleau turns different kinds of biomass into new energy: bio crops, manure, kitchen and restaurant waste can be used as a valuable energy source. Waterleau offers the appropriate Anaerobic Digester for each type of organic waste. 


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