• 90,000 panel solar farm investment to cut CO2 emissions

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90,000 panel solar farm investment to cut CO2 emissions

May 09 2023

INEOS Inovyn, a leading company in the field of chlorovinyls, has made a significant investment in the HELIOS solar farm, an impressive renewable energy project. Spanning 30 hectares and consisting of 90,000 solar panels, this solar farm is set to become Belgium's largest and the largest ever built in the Wallonia region. The exclusive power purchase agreement between HELIOS and INEOS Inovyn will ensure that the solar farm supplies over 57,000 MWh of renewable electricity annually to the INEOS Inovyn site in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, starting from 2024.

The impact of the HELIOS solar farm on renewable energy production in Belgium is substantial. It is expected to generate renewable electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 16,000 households in the country. This development aligns with INEOS Inovyn's commitment to reducing COâ‚‚ emissions across all its operations. By 2030, the company aims to reduce its emissions by more than 30%, with the ultimate goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The introduction of HELIOS is a significant step towards achieving this objective, allowing INEOS Inovyn to offer low carbon products to its customers and contribute to a more sustainable economy.

Julien De Meersman, the Energy Manager of the INEOS Inovyn site in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, emphasizes the positive environmental impact of HELIOS. He states that the solar farm will replace approximately 10% of the site's electricity requirement, resulting in an annual reduction of over 14,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

While HELIOS plays a crucial role in INEOS Inovyn's carbon neutrality roadmap, the company's efforts extend beyond renewable energy utilization. Philippe Taranti, the Site Director at INEOS Inovyn in Jemeppe, highlights their comprehensive approach, which includes process improvements, system electrification, and the replacement of outdated equipment with more energy-efficient alternatives. INEOS Inovyn is also actively involved in carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects, contributing to research on permanent CO2 storage.

As Europe's largest electrolysis operator, INEOS Inovyn has further ambitious plans to invest more than €2 billion in the production of green hydrogen at its sites in Norway, Koln, Antwerp, and the UK. This investment reflects the company's commitment to sustainable practices and the development of green technologies.

Philippe Taranti underscores the importance of energy savings, emphasizing that energy costs have significantly increased in recent years, accounting for 40% of their production costs. INEOS Inovyn's focus on energy efficiency is essential to maintain competitiveness in the chlorovinyls sector, which is crucial for various industries including construction, automotive, wind turbine production, and healthcare.

To facilitate the distribution of renewable electricity, an underground cable will directly connect the HELIOS solar park to INEOS Inovyn's internal electricity grid in Jemeppe. While the site is self-sufficient in terms of energy generation, it remains connected to the Belgian high-voltage network. This flexibility allows INEOS Inovyn to support the Belgian electricity network during peak periods and provide essential flexibility to the network operator.



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