• Auramarine Secures Methanol Fuel Supply System Contract for Terntank Hybrid Tankers

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Auramarine Secures Methanol Fuel Supply System Contract for Terntank Hybrid Tankers

Sep 22 2023

In a significant development for the maritime industry's transition to sustainable fuels, Auramarine Ltd, a pioneering provider of fuel supply systems for marine, process, and power sectors, has clinched a contract to deliver methanol fuel supply systems for three 15,000 DWT hybrid tankers commissioned by Terntank. Auramarine's commitment to advancing methanol-based solutions for decarbonisation played a pivotal role in this achievement.

These vessels are being constructed at the China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Yangzhou), with the maiden ship set to be handed over in March 2025. Auramarine's delivery of these innovative systems is scheduled between the latter half of 2024 and the first half of 2025.

Each system package encompasses the methanol fuel system, including the methanol supply unit (LFSS), bunker and transfer systems, control and monitoring apparatus, and crucial safety mechanisms.

Designed specifically for efficiently transporting bio feedstocks to Terntank's refinery customers, the Hybrid Solution Plus series vessels will markedly curtail carbon emissions and environmental impact. This will be achieved through the utilisation of methanol-powered engines, wind-assisted propulsion, a hybrid battery system, and on-shore power. Claes Möller, CEO at Tärntank Ship Management, affirms that Auramarine's expertise in methanol systems is pivotal to realising the vessels' full potential for decarbonisation.

John Bergman, CEO of Auramarine, remarked, "This project represents another significant milestone for Auramarine, grounded in our extensive development efforts in methanol fuel systems and nearly five decades of experience in delivering cutting-edge solutions to the market. As the industry undergoes rapid transformation, we remain committed to assisting our clients on their journey towards decarbonisation. We are honoured that Terntank has selected us to provide methanol systems for these forward-thinking vessels."

Since announcing its investment in one of the industry's inaugural Methanol Fuel Supply Units, aimed at addressing the growing demand for methanol as a viable future fuel, Auramarine has garnered substantial interest from shipowners, operators, OEMs, and shipyards regarding supply and installation.

This landmark contract aligns with the company's ambitious growth trajectory over the next five years, solidifying its position as the preferred partner and supplier for key stakeholders in the maritime sector, particularly in the realm of new low and zero-carbon marine fuels.

John Bergman reiterated, "Methanol stands out as one of the most viable future fuels currently available. Recognising that, in addition to cost and availability, the provision of bunkering and onboard operational infrastructure is crucial to instil confidence among shipowners and operators in adopting these essential future fuels for industry decarbonisation. At Auramarine, we remain committed to delivering such solutions and innovating to introduce new offerings that effectively support the energy transition."



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