• Biomethane Vitally Important to our Energy Future

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Biomethane Vitally Important to our Energy Future

Jun 03 2014

Responding to DECC’s announced consultation on tariffs for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) on 30th May 2014, ADBA chief executive Charlotte Morton said:

“The consultation on RHI tariffs offers the opportunity to put support for biomethane to grid on a long-term basis. Biomethane is a vitally important part of our energy future, offering the chance to decarbonise difficult areas like the gas grid and heavy goods transport without widespread changes to infrastructure.  

“Although we are pleased that DECC are proposing a tiering option for the tariffs, we are concerned that the tariff levels proposed in the consultation document will be too low to continue to incentivise deployment.

“We will work closely with DECC and our members over the course of the consultation to provide the evidence they need to provide tariffs which continue to promote development.”

The anaerobic digestion and biogas industry will discuss the issues facing ongoing development of the biomethane sector as well as AD’s potential to deliver ultra low carbon gas and electricity, supporting green economic growth and jobs, energy security and helping the UK to meet its climate change and emissions targets, on 2-3 July at UK AD & Biogas 2014.


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